redwood tango ensemble  -  event notice!
San Francisco New Tango
concert and dance celebration - Sun 8/28 

"Truly one of the most exciting tango ensembles active in the US today." - Morgan Luker Reed College

Redwood Tango Ensemble, the bay area's own contemporary tango outfit, is hosting a concert and milonga in San Francisco. A one-time event not to be missed!

Sunday August 28 - Community Music Center Hall - San Francisco
8pm Concert of new works
8:45 Introductory tango dance class with renowned dancers Homer and Cristina Ladas
9:15-11:30 Milonga (social dance) featuring live music sets


On the heels of their recent album Unison (all original tango compositions), the group was awarded a composition grant through the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, the positive and forward-thinking force for the arts in the bay. Bandoneonist and bandleader Charles Gorczynski wrote a set of new pieces for the ensemble that push the musicians in wildly new directions, looking to bridge the gap between contemporary tango and original/local chamber music composition.

The tango dance scene in the bay area is enormous and dedicated. For dancers, most of the preferred music is from the 'golden age' of tango (1940's / 50's orchestras). Redwood Tango focused on this music for many years. But there is a rich thread in tango music outside of this tradition: intensely challenging, contemporary, fresh ideas in the style, a thread through which the band has found its own voice. Redwood Tango Ensemble writes from this style through the filter of what it means to live, work, and write as musicians here in the Bay Area. Not just tango music in San Francisco, but tango music organically from San Francisco.

This event will feature collaborations with local dancers Homer and Cristina Ladas, an inclusive and introductory dance class, and a live-music milonga (social dance) in the beautiful CMC Hall. All are welcome here, listeners and dancers alike, this is a celebration!

San Francisco Community Music Center Hall - 544 Capp St
Sunday August 28th, 8pm    $15 ($10 for students or seniors)


Composer and multi-instrumentalist Charles Gorczynski worked in the Chicago jazz/improviser community for a decade before relocating to Oakland, playing with dozens of groups but primarily the critically-acclaimed band Colorlist (with drummer Charles Rumback). Studying composition brought him to an obsession with legendary bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla, and eventually to the master tango orchestras in Argentina in the 1940's. From a family of tango dancers, Charles felt like the natural move was to pick up the bandoneon.

After moving west in the summer of 2010, both for the tango culture and a change of scenery, Redwood Tango Ensemble was born in Oakland. The group studied the famed Argentine orchestras of Anibal Troilo, Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos DiSarli, Osvaldo Pugliese and transcribed hundreds of arrangements. While playing for dancers, RTE started to learn the nuances of the style and purpose of much of the writing. It became clear that the milonga (tango social dance) was the environment that would shape and develop the band.

To this end, Charles took Redwood Tango Ensemble on the road to play milongas every night. The band has toured for up to three weeks at a time doing this, a few times a year. They have played milongas in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Montreal, London Ontario, NYC, Pittsburgh, and dozens of cities in between. In 2013 and 2015, Redwood Tango was the featured orchestra for Chicago's largest tango festival: Chicago Tango Week. In addition Redwood Tango Ensemble keeps a highly active local presence in the bay area dance scene, performing up to 80 times a year.

After years of study and dedication to the style, Charles began to develop personal compositions for the ensemble, rooted in tango but connected to his past in other creative instrumental communities. Redwood released their first album original album Unison in January 2016 and are now completely dedicated to writing and developing original tango music.


Charles Gorczynski (bandoneón/composition)
Elyse Weakley (piano) 
Kendra Vernon (violin)
Mia Bella D'Augelli (violin)
Anton Estonial (cello)
Daniel Fabricant (double bass)