Redwood Tango Ensemble is a contemporary tango sextet from Oakland, California. Bandoneonist Charles Gorczynski leads and composes for the ensemble, developing an original sound that is personal, percussive, challenging, and emotionally resonant. The ensemble has released two albums, including the critically acclaimed and fully original album Unison in 2016.

The sextet is also dedicated to performing and studying traditional Argentine tango music, which has made them popular with dance communities in the bay area and on tour. Their arrangments are inspired by the styles of Anibal Troilo, Carlos DiSarli, Osvaldo Pugliese, and other master orchestras in tango. The group has been a consistent and strong presence on dance floors, playing for hundreds of milongas since their inception in 2011.

    Redwood Tango Ensemble was the featured orchestra for Chicago Tango Week 2013 and 2015, and has performed for milongas in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Montreal, London, NYC, and dozens of cities in between. The ensemble keeps a highly active presence in the bay area tango scene, and tours regularly as the full sextet, various trios, or as the highly acclaimed bandoneon/guitar Maldito Tango Duo


Charles Gorczynski  Bandoneon
Elyse Weakley  Piano
Anton Estaniel  Cello
Kendra Vernon  Violin
Mia Bella D'Augelli  Violin
Daniel Fabricant  Double Bass


"Truly one of the most exciting tango ensembles active in the US today." - Morgan Luker Reed College

"The Redwood Tango Orchestra is what every tango organizer dreams of:  a completely danceable orchestra, with a huge repertory, great energy, and super intuition for what keeps the milonga going.  These guys bring a care, attention to detail, and passion for the music that is inspiring to dance to — or more simply said— I couldn’t sit down!" - Korey Ireland, Ko-Arts 2015

"Passionate and talented musicians..." - San Francisco Bay Guardian, 2012

"There's a new tango in town." - Daville Patch, 2012